We Cater

Our plethora of catering services includes Indoor catering services for all types of celebrations. We have separate arrangements for separate occasions.

At flaves, we understand that for a gathering to be successful; the food constitutes a major share. We understand your requirements and therefore we make sure that you relish that same taste even after a long time.


The key to success underlies in our ability to function according to the requirements of our guests. We user our creativity and flexibility to mould our services according to your catering requirements. We can completely recreate the menus to fit a certain type of occasion -

- or a particular budget. Our catering services provide you with all the utensils, food, water and waiters as well for your ocassion. Just hand over your responsibilities to us and as the host, enjoy the party with your guests.

We assure you that our catering services will have your guests enticed and will help in making your moment of celebration a memorable one.

Food @ Flaves

There are many widely used phrases related to food. "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach", "Food is the most primitive form of comfort", etc. At flaves, we make sure that your comfort level rises with every event organized by us for you.

We provide you with a variety of meal options to choose from. Chinese, Italian, Oriental etc. You'll find all possible vegetarian and non - vegetarian cuisines you can think of. Also, there is so much to choose from that you can reserve a choice for many visits to come.

As people are becoming more and more aware these days, hospitality industry is on its toes to match their approval level. At flaves, when we commit to cater to your guests, we ensure that